Who Are We?

Our Mission: Advocating for Sustainable Public Fisheries in B.C.

Who Are We?

We are fighting to protect your right to fish in freshwater and saltwater both today and for future generations. Your access to public fisheries are being threatened by extreme environmental groups, government under funding and mismanagement. Our role is to lobby governments and build relationships to ensure we have access to public fisheries in BC.

Government policies are not being made using scientific data, common sense, but rather political influence by various groups. For example, some environmental groups are pushing an agenda against public fisheries.

The Public Fishery Alliance provides you with a voice which can advocate for you politically and create influence from the general public. The Public Fishery Alliance is your opportunity to have a voice and be heard.

The Public Fishery Alliance is not here to replace the other organizations in BC and Canada. We are here to partner with smaller regional and fishery specific organizations to give you a much louder voice and influence.

We are 100% funded by our membership. We can only fight with your support.

We ask you for two things:

  1. Become a free member so you make our voice even louder. Click here to become a member.
  2. Consider contributing to our cause. This investment is critical to making sure we can influence policy and ensure we have the opportunity to fish now and in the future. Click here to contribute.

Want to learn more about the importance of the public fisheries for British Columbia and our activities. Click here to find out what we do for you.