Minister Murray … “Time’s Up!”

Years of excuses and inaction on Marked Selective Fishery (MSF) proves Fisheries Minister Murray has little regard for British Columbia’s salmon anglers.  In a shocking new revelation, the PFA has learned that Pacific Region DFO approved MSF proposals for Chinook, slated to open on April 1st 2023, have only just reached the minister’s desk.  Two … Read More»

PFA Letter DFO Minister Joyce Murray RE: MSF

To: The Honourable Joyce MurrayMinister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard House of CommonsOttawa, ON K1A 0A6 Dear Minister Murray, The Public Fishery Alliance (PFA) represents marine and freshwater anglers and the businesses that rely on the public fishery in British Columbia. Our primary interest is the maintenance of well–managed, sustainable public salmon … Read More»


VANCOUVER-VICTORIA-SIDNEY-SOOKE-PORT RENFREW Potential Southern Resident Killer Whale Management Actions – 2023 FILL OUT THIS SURVEY – DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 19th/2023 The Public Fisheries Alliance does not support increasing area based salmon restrictions and closures. We support adaptive management , like bubble zones, that consistently give Southern Resident Killer Whales the room they need.Please support … Read More»

RE: Rebuttal to David Mills Posts on Recreational Fishing Release Mortalities

The Public Fishery Alliance has serious issues with the comments made by David Mills in a post in Watershed Watch, and a subsequent post on the Public Fishery Alliance Facebook page. Mills cites a Pacific Salmon Commission table that shows 2021 Chinook retained catch, released Chinook and incidental mortalities for Canadian Chinook fisheries across northern … Read More»

Letter to Minister Murray – Re: Rejection of Chinook Retention Proposals

The Honourable Joyce Murray,Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast GuardMinister’s Office,200 Kent Street,Station 15N100Ottawa, ONK1A 0E6 Re: Rejection of Chinook Retention Proposals Dear Minister Murray, The Public Fishery Alliance (PFA) is a broad–based non-profit society consisting of almost one thousand Canadian anglers, angling organizations, angling dependent businesses and volunteer salmon and habitat restoration … Read More»

PFA Letter to Minister Murray and Premier Horgan re: Skeena Steelhead

Attn: The Honourable Joyce Murray, MPMinister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast GuardHouse of CommonsOttawa, ONK1A 0A6 and Attn: The Honourable John HorganPremier of British ColumbiaP.O. Box 9041, Stn Prov GovtVictoria, BCV8W 9E1 “Public Fishery Alliance Support of Skeena River Angling Access to Steelhead and for a Comprehensive Skeena Steelhead Recovery Plan” Dear Minister … Read More»

PFA Shout-out to the Fraser River Fishing Guides Association

The November deluge, known to meteorologists as an “Atmospheric River”, caused enormous destruction, and sadly loss of life too.  Southwestern BC, including Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and as far away as Kamloops, all got hammered, suffering damages that may well cost billions to repair. The crippling disruption of the province’s supply chain is also … Read More»

UBC Study Reveals Chinook Abundance Not An Issue For SRKW’s

“UBC study reveals Chinook abundance not an issue for SRKW’s, yet ENGO’s still calling for Chinook harvest closure & no salmon fishing from March 1st to December 31st in Chinook foraging areas” UBC researchers, Mei Sato and Andrew Trites, from UBC’s Marine Mammal Unit, along with Stephane Gauthier from the Institute of Ocean Science recently … Read More»

REALITY: Fraser Chinook Openings and the Politics Surrounding Them

Here is what Jason Tonelli from Pacific Angler and PFA supporter has to say about Fraser chinook openings and the politics surrounding them… “No Special Chinook Report would be complete without some politics and data.  A lot of people are wondering why we are closed in Aug for chinook and if we will get it … Read More»

Skeena Anadromous Trout and Salmon Management

To: The Honourable John HorganPremier of British ColumbiaP. O. Box 9041Station Provincial GovernmentVictoria, BC V8W 9E1 and To: Ms. Rebecca ReidRegional Director General – Pacific RegionFisheries, Oceans and the Canadian coast Guard200-401 Burrard StreetVancouver, BC V6C 3S4 Re: Skeena Anadromous Trout and Salmon Management Dear Premier Horgan and Ms. Reid, It has come to our … Read More»