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REALITY: Fraser Chinook Openings and the Politics Surrounding Them

Here is what Jason Tonelli from Pacific Angler and PFA supporter has to say about Fraser chinook openings and the politics surrounding them… “No Special Chinook Report would be complete without some politics and data.  A lot of people are wondering why we are closed in Aug for chinook and if we will get it … Read More»

Skeena Anadromous Trout and Salmon Management

To: The Honourable John HorganPremier of British ColumbiaP. O. Box 9041Station Provincial GovernmentVictoria, BC V8W 9E1 and To: Ms. Rebecca ReidRegional Director General – Pacific RegionFisheries, Oceans and the Canadian coast Guard200-401 Burrard StreetVancouver, BC V6C 3S4 Re: Skeena Anadromous Trout and Salmon Management Dear Premier Horgan and Ms. Reid, It has come to our … Read More»

Adventures by HIP July 29th Facebook Post “It’s time to take the rods out of the water”

The Public Fishery Alliance rebukes unsubstantiated erroneous opinion posted on the Facebook Page of Adventures by HIP on July 29th, 2021.  The lesson here is … no longer can these characters blindly spout uninformed anti-fishing rhetoric without fear of being called out. Your Facebook post has come to the attention of the directors of the … Read More»

Invalid ENGO Attack on the Public Fishery Debunked

Once again a representative of an Environmental Non-Government Organization (ENGO) has taken an unwarranted and misleading swipe at the BC Public fishery under the guise of conservation concerns for Pacific salmon. This time it was Jeffrey Young who is a science and policy analyst for the David Suzuki Foundation. His comments appear in a July … Read More»

Don’t Let BC’s Public Salmon Fishery Be Dismantled

Based on the May 14th decision to again reject the very modest SFAB Chinook retention fishing proposal, Minister of Fisheries Bernadette Jordan is overseeing the dismantling of the Public Salmon Fishery in BC.  Now, for a third straight year, much of Southern BC is locked into non retention of Chinook salmon from April through July.  … Read More»

One of the most significant decisions in the history of BC’s Public Fishery will be delivered on April 1st

The PFA needs your help – Please watch and share this important video via email and social media Perhaps the most significant decision in the history of the Public Fishery in BC, is quickly approaching. On April 1st 2021, we will find out if this is the beginning of a brand-new chapter, driven by data … Read More»

PFA to Minister Jordan – Open BC’s Public Chinook Fisheries

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, BC – March 17th, 2021– Pacific Region, Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard (DFO) have prepared the Southern BC Chinook: Fishing Proposal Evaluation (Feb 22, 2021), which confirms the 2020 Sport Fishing Advisory Board Chinook retention requests made on behalf of the Public fishery, were both sustainable and within conservation … Read More»

“Hatcheries are a vital tool in salmon recovery, not a target for removal.” PFA Response to David Suzuki’s “The easy way can lead to disaster”

In a perfect world Dr. Suzuki’s “The easy way can lead to disaster” article, which focuses on everything that is wrong with hatcheries, would make sense because the obvious question would then be: Why do we need them?