Month: March 2021

One of the most significant decisions in the history of BC’s Public Fishery will be delivered on April 1st

The PFA needs your help – Please watch and share this important video via email and social media Perhaps the most significant decision in the history of the Public Fishery in BC, is quickly approaching. On April 1st 2021, we will find out if this is the beginning of a brand-new chapter, driven by data … Read More»

PFA to Minister Jordan – Open BC’s Public Chinook Fisheries

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, BC – March 17th, 2021– Pacific Region, Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard (DFO) have prepared the Southern BC Chinook: Fishing Proposal Evaluation (Feb 22, 2021), which confirms the 2020 Sport Fishing Advisory Board Chinook retention requests made on behalf of the Public fishery, were both sustainable and within conservation … Read More»

“Hatcheries are a vital tool in salmon recovery, not a target for removal.” PFA Response to David Suzuki’s “The easy way can lead to disaster”

In a perfect world Dr. Suzuki’s “The easy way can lead to disaster” article, which focuses on everything that is wrong with hatcheries, would make sense because the obvious question would then be: Why do we need them?