PFA to Minister Jordan – Open BC’s Public Chinook Fisheries


Vancouver, BC – March 17th, 2021– Pacific Region, Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard (DFO) have prepared the Southern BC Chinook: Fishing Proposal Evaluation (Feb 22, 2021), which confirms the 2020 Sport Fishing Advisory Board Chinook retention requests made on behalf of the Public fishery, were both sustainable and within conservation parameters for endangered wild Chinook stocks. The Public Fishery Alliance (PFA) wishes to congratulate and thank those involved for their significant efforts in preparing this important document. These data supported Chinook retention fisheries must be implemented immediately and no later than April 1st.

For the past two seasons DFO’s overly aggressive Chinook fishing regulations have been devastating to BC anglers and their families, the small businesses that support the Public fishery and many coastal communities. The unnecessary economic damage and unwarranted restriction of public access to legitimate angling opportunities must cease; regardless of political pressure and hyperbole from those who oppose the Public Chinook fishery.

BC’s anglers are the front line in salmon conservation, giving millions to wild salmon recovery and donating massive amounts of volunteer time each year to save and restore wild salmon stocks.  That will be lost should the Public fishery collapse.  There is ample evidence that substantial reductions have already occurred. Allow Canadians to keep a Chinook when and where the data indicates it is viable, as this provides a life-line to anglers and businesses while Fraser River Chinook are recovering and DFO moves to marked selective Chinook fishing.

The PFA Open Letter to Minister Jordan (Feb 16, 2021), explained how keeping any Chinook in specified areas, or US origin hatchery fish, where abundant, is not a risk. The PFA again ask the federal government to stop harming thousands of Canadians who rely on the public fishery for their income, now made worse by COVID 19.  We implore you, Fisheries Minister Jordan, to open those fishing opportunities no later than April 1st.            

SBC Chinook Fishing Proposal Evaluation:

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